Sensitive line: what’s its purpose?

Forza10 Sensitive line has been developed with the specific purpose of giving all dogs (and soon all cats too) an effective nutraceutical food against chronic disorders.  We are talking about the most common skin, eye, ear, behavioral, articular and digestive disorders. Our R&D department has positively identified the cause underlying all these problems and has come up with specific nutritional solutions. Every Sensitive Diet is supported by scientific researches, some of them already published and available to you, others about to be published soon. We can state – without risk of being disproved – that we are the only company to publish all its scientific research on food-related pathologies and on the solutions we found.

Sensitive line, not a simple maintenance

FORZA10 Sensitive is much more than a simple maintenance food: thanks to the Phyto-Superheroes that it carries in its heart, it will take care of your dog, nourishing both body and soul, and making sure its most sensitive system is looked after.

FORZA10 Sensitive is a complete line of wild caught anchovies, grain free foods, especially developed to promote the health of 6 specific systems.
Skin, tum, eyes, ears, joints and behavior get protected and nourished thanks to precious herbal extracts, whose strength is preserved by the AFS tablets, exclusively patented by FORZA10 (European patent n.EP2185129).
For this reason, along with our heart, inside our bags you will also find little hearts, coffers that preserve the essence of SANYpet’s scientific research.

FORZA10 Sensitive is part of our Integrated Nutritional Program™, something you can’t do without if you want to give back to your dog some of his love. Contemporary canine nutrition comprises dry and wet food, but snacks have a key role too: we believe that all these dietary elements must necessarily work together synergistically, in order to give your dog the safest nutrition.

Why are herbal extracts so important in our Sensitive diets?

All FORZA10 Sensitive diets have 4 common herbal extracts, whose antioxidant, immune-modulating, antitoxic and anti-inflammatory effects have been demonstrated in vitro in a scientific research. Along with them fight other Phyto-Superheroes, with a targeted action on specific systems.

Sensitive line: the health benefits of anchovies

The primary protein source is anchovy meal: it is excellent because it comes from pelagic forage fishes, wild caught in the Ocean and processed on site, thus bypassing the risk of oxytetracycline and heavy metals contamination. Furthermore, it has an exceptional biological value, because it’s an abundant, natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Respecting our “philosophy of health”, we also added a small amount of free-range pork to our recipe, a protein source that is incredibly palatable and digestible, and that possesses a high biological value.
A limited ingredient formula, and the refusal of all flavor enhancers and chemical additives, complete a diet that we like to call “the evolution of functional maintenance”. Is this too good to be true? Let us know what you think!

FORZA10 Formulations


All FORZA10 ingredients are chosen based on a specific principle: being free from all those chemical and pharmacological residues that we identified as a cause of chronic pathologies in pets. Sergio Canello’s 30-year experience was the founding element of FORZA10 and of its R&D Department. This has developed unparalleled knowledge on animal nutrition over 22 years of activity, and knows exactly which ingredients are useful and which ones are to avoid in pet nutrition. All this translates in the extraordinary effectiveness of FORZA10 Sensitive Line. We don’t just make kibbles, we engineer scientific formulations that are the result of years of study. And we don’t make small talk: behind every one of our products there are scientific researches, published on international scientific journals and available to everyone on our website.

Our diets’ effectiveness is fast beyond imagination, but this is not a miracle: we just let Nature work, removing all those man-made obstacles that increase the risk of pathologies and bringing the incidence of disorders back to its natural percentage.

Why anchovies?

In our Sensitive Line we use whole anchovies as the primary source of animal protein. We chose anchovies for many reasons:

  • their proteins have exceptional biological value
  • anchovies are free from oxytetracycline residues, that we identified as a risk to our pets’ health through our many in vitro scientific researches made in collaboration with 8 different universities;
  • they are small pelagic fishes that bypass the risk of heavy metals contamination;
  • anchovies are on the bottom of the food chain, thus eating just plankton: this means they don’t run the risk of accumulating toxic substances such as mercury, arsenic and many others;
  • they can be considered hypoallergenic. Fish has been often accused of being a source of allergies, but our experience tells us the exact contrary of that, since fish allergy in dogs is extremely unlikely;
  • anchovies are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fundamentals because of their natural anti-inflammatory properties and their ability to keep cellular growth in check (especially useful in the case of adipose cells), thus decreasing the risk of overweight;
  • to sum it up, anchovies are an extraordinary protein source to feed dogs and cats.

Why pork?

Inside Sensitive Line formulas there’s a small amount of pork meal: this is obtained from Italian pork, way leaner than pork farmed in other countries and free from oxytetracycline residues, an antibiotic often used, legally, in Extra-EU markets.

We chose pork for a variety of reasons:

  • pork is particularly palatable and digestible, because it contains fewer connective tissue among its muscular fibers compared to other kinds of meat. Pork meat proteins – that have been revalued in human nutrition in recent years – are very similar to those of boar meat. Wolves – our dogs’ ancestors – have historically preyed upon boars, so using pork is a way of respecting the ancestral instincts of dogs;
  • pork meat is rich in branched-chain amino acids, in B-vitamins (B2, B6, B12) and in important trace elements (iron, copper, zinc, selenium…), that help supporting the correct functions of the immune system;
  • it is low on saturated fatty acids, a feature that makes it extremely healthy and suitable against cardiovascular diseases;
  • it is a great choice as an elimination diet and it’s suitable for pets with food intolerances and/or allergies;

It’s a fundamental element of FORZA10 formulations, all developed in order to restore and keep our pets’ health.

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