Why use pork in all FORZA10 Sensitive diets

All Sensitive diets feature a small amount of high grade European pork, much leaner than traditional pork and devoid of harmful toxic oxytetracycline residues, a residue often legally applied in non-European markets.

Pork is used because:

  • It is a re-evaluated protein source, widely used for human consumption. High grade European pork is similar to wild boar, itself always prey to the wolf, which as we all know is the progeny of the dog
  • It is devoid of drug residues which cause allergic and intolerant reactions
  • It is a source of high quality protein which is perfectly suited to dogs
  • It is rich in branched amino acids which perfectly complements the fish, itself already exceptional on this regard
  • It is highly appetizing and digestible
  • It is totally devoid of harmful toxic oxytetracycline residues, which our research, together with eight leading universities, has defined as the principal deterrent to pet health
  • It has been tested for lengthy periods, revealing that, in combination with sea caught fish, it offers the perfect solution to allow each single Sensitive diet to offer continuously outstanding long-term results
  • It is a vital component within FORZA10’s diets, all developed to restore and maintain our pets’ health