Why use anchovies in all FORZA10 Sensitive diets

All Sensitive formulas contain a fundamental protein: anchovy, added whole.

Anchovies are used because:

  • They are a protein source of exceptional biological value;
  • They are totally devoid of harmful toxic oxytetracycline residues, which our research, together with eight leading universities, has defined as the principal deterrent to pet health;
  • They live in surface waters, far away from any heavy metals and pollutants which accumulate in the bottom of seas and oceans;
  • They represent the first step in the biological chain and do not eat other fish, avoiding the risk of them accumulating mercury or other toxic material (as is typical with larger fish);
  • They are hypoallergenic. Fish is often accused of being an allergy source, but experience shows the exact opposite, ie. fish allergy cases are rare;
  • They are rich in Omega3, offering important health and natural anti-inflammatory benefits;
  • They are quite simply the best protein source for dogs and cats.
  • % Protein
  • % Fat

Carbs             0,0 g

Fat                  1,4 g

Protein          5,8 g

Calories       37,1 g