Legend Skin for Itchiness

Pet:  Dogs

Gender: Male


Disorders: Itch and various stomach issues

Product Used:  FORZA10 Legend Skin


My two pugs, Bosley and Bear, have both struggled with terrible itchiness and from various stomach issues for the entirety of the many years that we have had them. In particular, Bear would chew on his skin so much that he would take off whole sections of hair, leaving the skin underneath raw and pink. We have cycled through antibiotics and various other medicines for years.

About 6 months ago, we introduced Forza10 Legend Skin food into their diet. Within days, my dogs had stopped itching. Over the course of this 6 months, we have noticed no signs of skin irritations, stomach issues, or any other adverse effects that they had been suffering from over the last 9 years. Based upon my experience with Forza10 Legend Skin, I would say it is the single most helpful product that I have ever found for my pets.

I would absolutely recommend everyone with a pet try it out, because the effects were nearly instantaneous and made a radical improvement in my dog’s lives.