Sensitive Salmon Nuggets

FORZA10 Sensitive Salmon Nuggets 

Forza10 Sensitive Salmon Nuggets are one of the three fundamental elements within daily nutrition; they are produced in our Icelandic factory, offering the natural complement to our Forza10 diets.
 Only natural raw materials without the most harmful environmental contaminants
All Forza10 products, whether dry, wet or snacks, are united by offering clean raw materials, without the most harmful environmental pollutants and above all without toxic Oxytetracycline residues, which we have identified (and demonstrated in our researches for you to see) as the principal enemy afflicting dog and cat health.


Ingredients: salmon, potato starch, cassia gum, minerals (zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide), vitamin D3 supplement.

Guaranteed analysis: crude protein (min.) 33%, crude fat (min.) 25%, crude fiber (max.) 1.5%, moisture (max.) 6.5%

CALORIE CONTENT – ME (calculated) on an ‘as fed’ basis: 4291 kcal/kg – 21 kcal/treat.

Instructions for daily feeding:

1 Nugget for every 22lbs of dog weight.

Net weight: 0.88 lbs – 3.9 lbs

Forza10’s mission

The mission of our founder, the Italian Veterinarian Sergio Canello, with over 20 years clinical experience and 40 years in researching diseases caused by environmental pollutants, has always been to identify, and locally source, raw materials suitable for healthy foods which don’t provoke pet pathologies.

The role of snacks in today’s society
Snacks have become a fundamental daily tool offering mutual gratification: for our four-legged friends, who feel the attention we give them; and ourselves, content that we have made them happy.
In fact, our current life-style, especially but not only in cities, often prevents us from devoting the necessary time for outdoor activities fundamental to both health and leisure, with the snack representing the reward which makes up for this lack of time.

When we are told to eliminate them
We know, however, how often Veterinarians and various pet-experts tell us to eliminate snacks when our dogs suffer health issues; and we know how much their health, like ours, is under daily attack.

Snacks are harmful only if …
This in the belief that snacks are harmful as such. On the contrary, if the snacks are produced with healthy and natural ingredients, and not just to achieve certain economic interests, so they can be fed every day without any danger, with no need to eliminate them when our closest friends suffer food issues.

Three manufacturing facilities in the world’s two healthiest nations: Italy and Iceland
This mission was accomplished in three Forza10 factories in countries which, incidentally, have recently been identified as the healthiest on the planet:

  • Italy, where our dry food facilities, expressly also designed for organic foods, were the first in Europe to be authorized for export to the USA;
  • Iceland, a still uncontaminated oasis far from any industrial discharges, where we source our snacks and wet food; these are all produced with pure raw materials free from the most dangerous environmental contaminants, the real cause of the great majority of chronic or recurrent diseases afflicting our pets.

It is needless to emphasize the enormous challenges Forza10 faced to realize these facilities.

All Forza10 products are made in our own factories
These three factories fulfilled the mission of its founder, the Italian Veterinarian Sergio Canello, who has always sustained that the only way to achieve healthy foods which don’t create continuous problems for our pets consists in completely controlling both the raw materials and the production process itself.

I.N.P. (Integrated Nutritional Program)

1. Use of few raw materials of unparalleled quality, to minimize the risk of intolerance and / or allergy phenomena;

2. Mixing wet and dry dog food, to optimize water intake and meet water requirements, reducing the risk of urinary tract disorders;

3. Production of wet food and snacks in Iceland where the raw materials are clean and pristine, processed in our factories positioned right next to both the ports where the fishing boats dock and the island’s pastures.

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