FORZA10 Nutritional Philosophy

All Forza10 diets follow the same fundamental principles which constitute our nutritional philosophy. The Grain-Free Sensitive range was specifically developed to satisfy customers in the USA who request such formulas, contemporaneously remaining faithful to our core philosophies:

  • Sea-caught anchovies or herrings: Forza10 Sensitive exclusively uses small fish, captured in the open sea and processed whole, and particularly rich in precious poly-unsaturated fatty acids. These fish not only feature exceptional digestibility and protein values, but also offer the natural characteristic of transforming fat into muscle, helping to develop a lean and muscular body.
  • 100% Italian pork: Forza10 Sensitive also includes Italian pork meal, providing the necessary amount of saturated fatty acids. This meat is perfectly compatible with our dogs’ diets as it derives from wild boar, the natural prey of dog’s predecessor, the wolf.
  • Omega-3: added in abundance thanks to the addition of fish oil, these fatty acids are optimally calibrated for each individual reference, ensuring the correct elasticity for all the body’s cell lines and thus reducing the risk of injuries to ligaments, menisci, tendons and joint capsules. Correct damping of the intervertebral discs also reduces the risk of hernias in those breeds which are prone to it.
  • Advanced scientific research: Forza10 has carried out over 25 scientific researches in collaboration with universities, research institutes and freelance researchers, publishing them in prestigious international scientific journals. They are also all freely accessible on Forza10’s website, rendering them a heritage for all (discover all our researches on
  • No intensively farmed chicken and turkey meal: we have identified these meat meals as being particularly harmful to pet health due to the frequent presence of a toxic Oxytetracycline residue, which can trigger various chronic inflammatory processes in our pets (as shown in over 25 scientific researches carried out by Forza10 in collaboration with leading Universities and published in prestigious international scientific journals).
  • Legumes: as an alternative to cereals, Sensitive uses a mix of legumes (peas and field beans) as a carbohydrate source. These plants are characterized by their very high digestibility, their sustainability and, in line with all Forza10 ingredients, their GMO-Free status.
  • Pools of botanicals: each reference contains a specific pool of titled and standardized botanicals, each individually studied and selected by our Research and Development Department for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic and immuno-modulating action.
  • Limited Ingredients Formula (L.I.F.): a formula with few raw materials, reducing the risk of food allergies and intolerances.

Dry Foods


Integrated Nutritional Program I.N.P.

Feeding exclusively on dry food, especially if this is composed of dozens of components, can simultaneously overload both the urinary system, notably affecting diseases, and the immune system, increasing the risk of food allergies and intolerances. A complete nutritional program must therefore feature the use of dry food, wet food and snacks, all synergistically coordinated and based upon raw materials devoid of the most harmful substances. Forza10 created two production facilities in Iceland to achieve its most ambitious project: The Integrated Nutritional Program (I.N.P.).

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