Sensitive Behavioral: The agitation has miraculously gone

Pet: dog

Age: 2

Disorder: agitation/ barking

Product: Sensitive Behavioral


My beloved Whiskey, a two year old Bull Terrier, is a very affectionate dog, but he is not very sociable with strangers, is always agitated and barks at everybody, even those he’s known for a long time. Often he seems to be barking for no reason whatsoever.
But this is the Whiskey before I discovered Sensitive Behavioral on the FORZA10USA web site. Honestly, I did not give much hope that a food could change life so dramatically, assuming that only tranquilizers could calm him down. I’ve read the research the Italian Vet has carried out, and it seemed credible to me.

But let stand the credibility, this food has changed Whiskey’s life in two weeks! The agitation has miraculously gone, he no longer barks without reason and I no longer notice symptoms of discomfort, indeed he has become serene. I don’t know if it will work on others, but it’s certainly worth trying!