Scacco has never had any more crises

I have a medium-sized, mixed-breed dog from a kennel. Undoubtedly for me it’s beautiful, lively, affectionate and intelligent, but since last year it has suffered the disturbances I describe below. He began having seizures once a month or so, which occurs as a significant contraction of the back with the retraction of the hind legs under the abdomen. The dog tries to move, can only move the front and slams. It does not lose consciousness and it doesn’t look like epilepsy (I had an epileptic dog after a life-saving intervention); more than anything else it seems terrified. After about a minute it restarts positively, walks well and urinates whilst taking a walk. After the first crisis the food was varied by removing potato and eating chopped zucchini, carrot, meat and puffed rice with olive oil. It received 2 meals, one at 11.30 and the other at 17.30 (this was anticipated because the first crises occurred in the evening and we thought this might be due to digestion difficulties). He also ate dry bread. He always has a great appetite. He is terrified of thunder and airplanes, but not cars, motorcycles or trucks. He was vaccinated and dewormed regularly. 1 hour after the crisis the abdominal part remains quite tense. The vet checked for pests in the stool, which turned out to be absent. I should take him to the vet for thorough examinations and verifications, but as he’s extremely fearful of vets we’d have to put him to sleep. Browsing here and there on the internet I found articles that talk about dog disorders due to food and intoxication. I found your web-site and when consulting it I thought I’d give it a try. Scacco has been taking FORZA10 for about 1 month (2 meals a day, morning and afternoon) and I noticed an improvement in intestinal regularity, I don’t exclude that the crises could reappear, but some pathologies like the acute abdomen with posterior paresis or twisting of the stomach make me think about what I see when he’s sick. (I wrote this on November 18, 2006). Now Scacco is fine; I have no photos during his crises as I didn’t think about photographing him. He has never had any more crises and this is the news I send you … and how can I say thanks to you? GRAZIEEEEEE FORZA 10!


(Translated from italian)