Power of nature

Plants are a real low cost “Pharmacy”, available to all living beings: indeed, pharmaceutical molecules come from the plant kingdom for the most part. Let’s discover together how to use them properly.


When medical science began to recognize the power of phytòn, the plant, the field of phytotherapy was born. This is the study of active substances in plants that can increase a state of health and wellness.

The history of phytotherapy

The connection between animal and plant has ancestral origins. The man himself, in prehistory, used to pick flowers, fruits, herbs, roots, berries and buds in accordance with his needs. A prehistoric ability, that man has lost nowadays …

Phytotherapy for cats and dogs

Using plants and herbs for the health of our furry friends requires caution. Specific pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic knowledge is required since cats and dogs have different physiologies and metabolisms from that of man.

Phyto Superheroes

Dott. Gianandrea Guidetti

Gianandrea Guidetti is a researcher and one of the leading experts on phytoteraphy, he is the green man of SANYpet – FORZA10USA, the one who is able to harness the power of the nature health services for dogs and cats.

Internet offers everyone the extraordinary opportunity to express thoughts. This huge opportunity can, however, have negative repercussions.
Whoever claims to be in possession of the truth and it’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish if it is said with competence and knowlodge or not.

In particular, when we talk about our health or cats’ and dogs’, we cannot joke or follow a bad advice that could cause serious consequences.

Our scientific research, all available and listed here, ensure to our customers that what we firmly communicate with enthusiasm was built on sound and credible basis.

Demonstration of antitoxic effect of botanicals

Several extrinsic factors, like drugs and chemicals, can foster autoimmunity. Tetracyclines, in particular oxytetracycline (OTC), appear to correlate with the emergence of immune-mediated diseases.

Oxidative stress and diet

Oxidative Stress (OS) is considered an underlying mechanism by which dysfunctional metabolism occurs in obese subjects but there are still very few studies in canine species.

Leishmania Research

An immune-modulating diet increases the regulatory T cells and reduces T helper 1 inflammatory response in Leishmaniosis affected dogs treated with standard therapy.