FORZA10 was born from over 40 years’ experience on the part of the veterinarian Sergio Canello, the company’s founder and head of the R&D Department.
Our R&D has accumulated, within 22 years, an incomparable knowledge and experience regarding what to include and what to avoid in our pet food (as highlighted in our research material). This vast know-how has translated into the extraordinary efficiency offered by every single formula within the FORZA10 Sensitive range.
We don’t simply create kibbles, we conceive formulas which are the scientific result of many years of meticulous daily clinical research. And we back our words by facts: behind every product are researches published in renowned international scientific journals, research material available to everyone.

All our formulas have been tested, directly as pet food, for lengthy periods, demonstrating their effectiveness without any undesired side effects.
Our products achieve their impressive results quicker than you could ever imagine; but this not because we do miracles: we simply allow nature to do its work without all the obstacles created by man, reducing the percentage of the various diseases to that one would find in nature, which is significantly lower than what we witness amongst our pets today.

Why use Anchovies in all FORZA10 Sensitive diets?

All Sensitive formulas contain a fundamental protein: anchovy, added whole.
FORZA10, the first with fish in the pet food industry, specifically selected anchovies to offer very precise benefits.

Why use Pork in all FORZA10 Sensitive diets?

All Sensitive diets feature a small amount of high grade European pork, much leaner than traditional pork and devoid of harmful toxic oxytetracycline residues, a residue often legally applied in non-European markets.