My dog ​​in much more peaceful and quieter

I wish to thank Forza10 and all its colleagues for helping me with my dog, a border collie who unfortunately, for various reasons, had grown up with insufficient and absolutely inadequate nutrition, where chicken and hen entrails administered in its first two months of life made it over-excitable to foods containing any amount of meat. Without the help of Gianni and Margherita, I would never have known the importance of a balanced and correct diet. Now I use Behavioral kibble, rich in fish and substances which render my dog ​​much more peaceful and quieter. It no longer attacks cars and for a month it has finally become more attentive, responding to commands with interest and a desire to participate. We also saw proof that food obstructs his nervous system by overexciting him and increasing the production of hormones, because my father-in-law gave him a piece of chicken and for 3 days my he ​​didn’t respond to commands, had difficulty sleeping and again stopped eating, with great agitation. After 3 days of kibble and a paté of tuna, rice and olives, he returned to being very good again. You have been more than exceptional for me! Finally, I can enjoy my sweet little dog! Thank you so much.


(Translated from italian)