After 3 days with Intestinal Active the disorders disappeared

Pet:  Dog

Gender:  Female

Age:  6months

Disorders:  Digestion

Product Used:  Forza10 Intestinal Active Line


“When our Luna, a German Shepherd puppy, was 6 months, she showed digestion disorders, soft, pale feces and diarrhea. Specific tests revealed the presence of Giardia and other parasites.
In addition to the treatment, we were suggested to feed her a specific food for gastro intestinal disorder.
Despite the unwanted “guests” disappeared and the use of the specific food, the feces aspect did not improve.

So we decided to try and gradually replace the product we were using with FORZA10 Intestinal Active.
After 3 days with Intestinal Active, the disorders disappeared and the feces were well formed.
– Maria Grazia  
(Testimonial translated from the original Language in Italian at