Legend Digestion: superior quality food for dogs

Legend Digestion: superior quality food for dogs

Superior quality food for dogs: why do we say that?

FORZA10 announces, with great satisfaction, that one of the biggest German petfood companies, Zooma, chose us to include FORZA10 Legend line not only in more than 300 pet shops that are part of their organization, but also on their very important network.

What makes us even more proud about this partnership is the fact that, before deciding to include FORZA10 Legend line among their products, Zooma resorted to Futtertester-De, a very highly valued organization. Futtertest-De tests pet food with several pets’ owners, that give an accurate and scrupolous evaluation of the product tested, with typical German precision. In our case it was FORZA10 Legend Digestion (for now).

The tests have been carried out on 142 dogs and the final rate has been 8.8 out of 10, with the issue of a “Very good” certification by Futtertester and with the option to put their sticker of superior quality on the packaging.

Legend Digestion: more than just a food for dogs

LEGEND is a grain free functional foods line, made with clean ingredients coming from pure sources combined with natural extracts of plants selected for their immune-modulant, antioxidant and antitoxic effects.

The main protein source are anchovies, pelagic fishes (to avoid heavy metal contamination) wild caught in the Pacific Ocean and processed whole.

Legend Digestion also contains natural extracts plants such as Oregano, Thyme and Dandelion, known for their beneficial effects on the intestinal tract, and it is used to treat food intolerances, frequent eating of grass, vomit on an empty stomach, flatulence, bad stools, diarrhea and inflamed anal glands.

However, Legend Digestion can be used without a second thought also as a maintenance food for healthy dogs, ensuring their wellbeing through their whole life and without needs for transition periods when switching to it from other foods.

Legend digestion may, however, feed to all well-being dogs, ensuring it for their whole life and without transition time.