Legend Digestion dry food for a German Shepherd

Animal: dog

Gender: female

Age: 8

Disorder: digestive issues

Product: Forza10 Legend digestion


We purchased our german sheperd puppy, Sasha, from you almost eight years ago. A finer dog we have never had. This year, Sasha, suffered digestive issues, having constant diarrhea.
Her regular dog food, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck dry kibble, had suited her fine all this time. German shepherds are finicky with food, and other dry dog foods were not suitable.
We took her to the veterinarian who ran various tests and found nothing.

Even giving her probiotic capsules, antibiotics, or a raw diet did not help. We tried a few famous dog foods known for dogs with digestive problems, and none removed her loose bowel movements.

We came to you and sought your advice. You suggested Forza10 Digestion Formula Dry dog food. You gave us a sample. You also informed us not to gradually mix it into her food, as we do with any change of diet. You said give it to her straight and eliminate all other foods.

We did that and miraculously, she was normal the next day. We want to thank you for recommending Forza10 Digestion Formula Dry Dog food. Sasha also thanks you.

Thank you for your help.

Francine and Herman