Legend Digestion for our beautiful Pitbull Milo


Disorder: diarrhea

Product: Forza10 Legend Digestion


This food saved my Dogs life.. he’s only one years old and he has constant on and off diarrhea we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him we tried everything to try to help him nothing worked then more problems came along he got a yeast infection in his ear & was refusing to eat or drink water we were at the vet every week with him I was giving up and didint know what else to do Up until I called a family friend who owns a pet store here in murrieta CA & she referred “Legend” digestion dog food she told me it has everything he needs and will help within 2 days.

I had faith and felt this would work finally the next day Kings diarrhea was gone & he was drinking water and so happy.
I couldn’t thank you guys anymore for this food it saved his life seriously it’s such a bit relief knowing I found a food that has finally agreed with his stomach and is making him happy.

Thank you so much for this food!!!!”

N. Nicole