Intestinal Active: Excellent results in 4 months

Pet:  Dog

Gender:  Female

Age:  Adult

Disorders:  Flatulence

Product Used:  Forza10 Intestinal Active Line


“Over two years, my four-legged friend Laika has suffered from a rather serious form of flatulence, especially at night or when she sat down. Due to her bad digestion of some substances (none knows which ones), on the advice of my vet, I fed her six times a day, in order to reduce the ration and the time of digestion, but the results were very poor. While talking about that with some friends of canine walks, a lady suggested me to try this dry food.

Well, what can I say? In 4 months I had excellent results, above all I can feed her a complete meal and don’t need to subdivide it. And it seems that she likes more these kibbles than others.”

– Gessica Mazzetti  (Testimonial translated from the original Language in Italian at