Intestinal Active: Intolerant to Chicken, Beef, and Rice

Pet:  Dog

Gender:  Male

Age:  Adult

Disorders:  Intolerant to Chicken, Beef, and Rice

Product Used:  Forza10 Intestinal Active Line


“I used to buy kibbles with chicken and beef for my dog. I tried several brands, but he didn’t eat them willingly. After a while, he began to feel sick, he had symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness and dandruff. The vet said my dog is intolerant to chicken, beef and rice, and suggested us to try FORZA10. Since I started feeding him Intestinal Active, he has never vomited again, his body is regular. I can tell he likes this food, because he always finishes it. I’m very satisfied.” – Gessica Matteo (Testimonial translated from the original Language in Italian at