Intestinal Active: Chihuahua solved his issues in just one week!

Disorder: Anal gland

Product: Intestinal Active / Intestinal Actiwet


Hello there!
I have a rescued Chihuahua/rat terrier named Juliette.
Weve been searching for a food she will eat AND tolerate for most of the year.  I had even been cooking for her and had no luck.
At the end of May we were on Origen kibble and cooked food and I left her with friends for a week, as I had to travel.
Because the kibble had fish in it (an oversight on my part) they did not give her her food and switched to their dogs food.
This began a whole array of issues….. Juliettes anal gland blew up to an extra large egg size and could not be expressed.  She had surgery and a week later an abscess.. and the issues just kept up.   Her heart was stressed…. We had an echocardiogram and her organs were all a mess too (the specialist looked at everything for us!! A blessing)

Two weeks ago at our Holistic Vet appointment we were given card for Diane Stern at Auroras Only Natural…
We were told at the vet to try white fish and sweet potato…. Juliette threw up every meal I gave of that

We had a consult with Diane and she gave us the samples of Active line for palatability.  It was a rough start.  Juliette wouldn’t eat much…. She would if I put it in her toy…. I gave her no other food.!
After several days of the samples we went and got the bag of Intestinal (last week Tuesday) and some tins of the Actiwet Intestinal.
After only ONE week……. With communications regularly with Diane…… adding some rice cereal to firm up her poop and being able to get her Chinese herb in as well..

Juliette is wanting to eat…..  she looks so much better and the dog I know and love is starting to peak back through!!
I needed to send a giant thank you!!   For developing this food…. And making it available to us here in Buffalo NY!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Beth Neary And Juliette