INTESTINAL ACTIVE multricentric study

The nutritional solution of gastro-intestinal pathologies

In cats and dogs, just as in humans, symptoms related to adverse reactions to food are very common and may concern a number of apparatuses and systems: gastrointestinal,otological, nervous, urinary, respiratory and the skin.In detail, one of the apparatuses most commonly involved is the gastro-intestinal. The main reason is because the intestinal mucus functions as a generic barrier. It must generate a protection response from the immune system against pathogens and, at the same time, maintain its tolerance to innocuous environmental antigens, food bacteria and certain food ingredients. Gastro-intestinal symptoms, such as vomiting on an empty stomach, vomiting after feeding, diarrhea, weight loss, abdominal pain flatulence, borborigmus, and exaggerated desire to eat grass are especially frustrating for the following reasons: poor response to medicine, continuous relapses, animal suffering,objective difficulty for owners to treat the pathology in terms of time, commitment and cost. In these cases, a specific diet is the most important instrument available to limit or avoid a large use of pharmaceuticals. On this basis, the FORZA10 R&D Center has made it its goal to develop the concept to cure through nutrition by creating organ-specific nutraceutical products.The neologism “nutraceutical” is a combination of nutrition and pharmaceutical. Nutraceutics is a new branch of medicine that aims to study the effect of specific natural substances in both preventing and treating a variety of diseases. Because of its characteristics, it could become the missing link between natural medicine and pharmacology.Nutraceutical foods are also capable of solving, simply and definitely, the objectively difficult obstacle of oral, parenteral or spot on medicine administration.

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