My dogs love Immuno Active formula

Pet: dog

Product: Immuno Active

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Hi all !!!

I’am giving this review for the Forza10 IMMUNO ACTIVE formula, the one that has the white rice as opposed to potatoes, anyway, I always taste my dog’s food to see if it is good and this food is really good…..oh yeah, and the dogs LOVE it, they have not itched on it, that is the best part and the fact that it does not contain any peas, beans, legumes or alfalfa or flax or any of the other crap that is always put into pet foods, this food actually stands alone along with Ziwi Peak because they are different and not  a “run of the mill food”,  I thank the Doctor that formulated the foods, hopefully I will always be able to afford this for my 3 much-loved dogs.


Stella and Jaxx 10-15 002