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The Food Intolerance Alphabet

I’ve named it the alphabet of food intolerances and it is the list of pathologies whose causes I managed to trace back to the diet, this thanks to over 40 years experience in the field...

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  • I wanted to send you these two photos of Grace so far on the Forza 10 Dermo Active trial. The first photo was taken the day I started her on the food & the second photo is day 14. So impressed!!!! Her skin colour is going back to normal (dark) and her coat is starting to grow in, even where she has had no fur at all for the two years I have had her!!! She has had only the food and water. Just thought you would like to see the results so far. Thanks again for the bags of food, Christyne & Grace

    Christyne & Grace
    Grace the Greyhound: Dermatitis Cured!
  • It is said, "we are, what we eat," true as this is for humans, so it is true for our pets (dogs). We've been having problems with our Scottish Terriers' guts from the beginning, especially with MacKenzie, a 14 year old male, rescue. MacKenzie has been otherwise healthy, but his bowel movements always included a certain amount of bleeding, with all dog food regiments.

    MacKenzie and MiMi
    MacKenzie and MiMi's Story
  • I am the owner of a six month old female Border Collie that, from the very beginning has had a flare-up, and more recently, daily bowel problems, and persistent diarrhea has also presented itself. Once the vet excluded the presence of intestinal parasites, I tried an approach with a dietary supplement that didn’t give any results. I then contacted your representative Mr Giovanni Canopoli (owner of our puppy’s male parent), who suggested your food to me, LEGEND DIGESTION and the instructions on how to administer it. After only the second feeding the feces were compact more than ever before and to this date, after 10 days of use of your feed, the situation has remained good and steady.

    Intestinal problem
  • I was desperate because I couldn’t solve a problem related to the coat of my Bernese Mountain Dog. I used to buy another of pet-food, but it didn’t satisfy my needs because dandruff still persisted on my dog. My vet suggested to me another food and I tried that too, but I got no close to solving my dog’s problems. Chiara, the owner of the store where I usually buy my dog’s food gave me two samples of Forza10 Legend Skin. She also called Forza10 to ensure that the chicken contained in Legend Skin came from organic farming. Then, having had confirmation, I bought a 5lbs pack and from this week I’m going to switch to the 25 lbs pack. In two weeks the dandruff, that had been tormenting my Bernese Mountain Dog for six months, has gone for good.

    Problem related to the coat