So far, it seems to be working

“My 6 year old beagle has had chronic ear problems ever since she was given a vaccine she was allergic to when she was a pup. I have tried too many foods to list to try to find something that didn’t leave her ears raw red, inflamed, and stinky.
Not to mention all the vet expenses for exams, cleaning and medications that were only a temporary fix for 4-6 weeks, having to struggle with her always to get the medications into her ears.
I am on to the 2nd bag and so far, after the last ear washing and cleaning, just before I started her on this food, her ears have stayed clear.
No more brown, waxy, stinky yeasty build up in there, constant scratching, nor head shaking. She use to shake her head so violently, I was afraid she’d pop out her eyes, or damage her brain.
She is so much more comfortable now in her skin, and is much more playful now. I am happy that she is a happy little dog now.”