FAQ Reading the label

Product name and brand name; a Statement specifying the species name of pet or specialty pet for which the food is intended, conspicuously designated on the principal display panel; quantity statement (net weight, volume or count); guaranteed analysis; ingredient statement; a statement of nutritional adequacy or purpose (if required); feeding directions; batch number and best before date; name and address of the manufacturer or distributor.
When a pet food or specialty pet food enclosed in an outer container or wrapper is intended for retail sale, all required label information shall appear on the outer container or wrapper.

The term “complete feed” refers to the nutrient content of the feed as containing all the nutrients known to be needed for the animal at any stage of life stated. The term “balanced” refers to the energy nutrient ratio of the feed known to be needed at any stage of life stated. Therefore, a claim of “complete and balanced” must have all the nutrients, in proper amount and ratios, relative to the energy content for the stated life stage for which the feed is intended.

It is the total amount of a specific food that is necessary every day on average to a pet of a species, an age category, a lifestyle or activity, in order to meet all his energy and nutritional needs. Any dog or cat food labeled as complete and balanced must provide feeding directions on the product label. These directions should appear prominently on the label and shall be expressed in common terms.