Legend Digestion: Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency


My GSD, Doc, was diagnosed with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) in May 2015 at 13mos old after losing almost 20lbs.  I had to switch his food to fit the guidelines for an EPI dog of 4% fiber or less and grain free.    Although Doc quickly gained his weight back and then some, he became extremely itchy and was plagued with yeast and bacterial infections in his ears, paws and all over his body.
He also developed cysts in between his toes and metatarsal/metacarpal fistulas and was pooping 4-6x a day and they were huge piles.   I once again switched his food and his issues seemed to clear up for the most part; however, he was still pooping 4-6x a day, huge piles which were somewhat formed but very soft.

I knew he needed a lower fiber food to help his poops but could not find one that did not contain some of the foods he was reactive to.  After trying about 15 different foods, i discovered an amazing food made in Italy that had extensive research into what causes pet allergies to protein sources – it was Forza10 Legend.  After seeing that it fit the guidelines for an EPI dog and that it had only 1.5% fiber – which is a HUGE plus for EPI dogs.
I noticed an IMMEDIATE change in Doc’s poop when I switched him to Forza10 Legend – he only poops 2-3x a day and they are perfectly formed stools!!!  I couldn’t believe it!!  And on top of the perfect poop he has had no reaction to the chicken in the food, which is further proof to your research.
Doc has been on the Forza10 Legend Digestion for almost 4 months and he will NEVER be on a different food – it has made a huge difference in his life and mine!!
He does not have any skin infections, no itching, a beautiful shiny coat (important for a solid black GSD) and perfect poops!!
I cannot thank you enough for this food.