Intestinal Active: We are very satisfied

Animal: dog

Disease: epi

Product: Forza10 Intestinal Active


My dog suffers from exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, food allergies and stomach inflammation.
We had great trouble until we found a pet-food that feeds him and does not damage him. We were reluctant when we had to change pet-food, we consulted our vet and introduced and progressively changed to this “Forza10 Active Line Intestinal Active”.

After one year I can just say that this food is doing great, we are very satisfied. He likes it, digests it and tolerates it very well. A week ago I bought “Forza10 Diet Paté 6 x 400 g – tuna and rice” to vary his diet and to let him eat some wet food. The truth is that he loves it and he feels pretty good.
So I can only say that we are very happy. It’s worth a try, always after consulting a veterinary, of course.