A dramatic change in my Corgi for the better

After 2 days, I have a dramatic change in my Corgi for the better.  Everything about her is calmer and better.  She is walking on her leash without pulling, she isn’t barking as much, and she isn’t reactive to noises.

They are predicting thunderstorms tonight and I am hoping she will be able to handle it.

Here is what I did:

Took away the shark cartilage treats.

Changed her CBD oil from the American company to Animal Essentials Hemp Leaf Oil (sourced from Denmark).

As of last night, switched her food To Forza10 USA Behavioral.

I will let you know next week how things are going with her.  I am having dinner with the women who work at Ciao Bow Wow on Friday and I will tell them about this.  Today I will call Jennie and suggest to her to buy more Behavioral now.

Thank you and Dr Canello very much for your help and advice.