Intestinal Active: Dog with Food Sensitivies

Animal: Dog

Gender: female

Product: Intestinal Active


Zoe is a 7 pound European Havanese living in New York City who has had food sensitivities (allergies to poultry, lamb and environmental allergies) since birth. She has been on so many different varieties of food over the years – holistic diets included – until our family vet recommended that we try Forza10.

Zoe used to suffer from gastritis numerous times each year – resulting in severe discomfort, vomiting, and complete digestive upset – often requiring medical intervention and hospitalization to prevent dehydration and to rectify the gastritis.
From the moment I spoke with Dr. Cannello, who took immediate and very personal interest in Zoe’s case, I knew we were on the road to finding a solution to her chronic gastritis. Through our correspondence and despite the complexity of Zoe’s case, Dr. Cannello was able to assist me to narrow down her diet to something that truly worked: Forza10 Intestinal Active dry food.
Though she couldn’t tolerate the wet food because of her severe food allergies, she has been doing so well on the diet. Recently, during her annual blood work and physical – the vet was thrilled to see magnificent blood work. The elevations of liver enzymes have resolved and her blood work is the best it has been in years.

Should she get into the garbage or eat something she’s not supposed to- the gastritis is brief and resolves on its own with very little intervention or recovery time.

We no longer have days and days of episodes of illness. We are so grateful for the positive changes Forza10 has made in our little girl’s life! And ours!!!

Rachel Z.