Diabetes treated with Diabetic Actiwet

Animal: cat

Product: Diabetic actiwet


Our cat “Tüpfi” was diagnosed with severe diabetes about two years ago. She only just survived, as her illness was only diagnosed when we passed her to Zurich’s Animal Hospital. 10 days of intensive care followed, with the Doctor proclaiming a limited chance of improvement.

The situation then finally improved, and we learned how to measure Tüpfi’s blood sugar level and how to feed her in future.

At the beginning it was all new for us, but gradually we improved, with the great support given by Zurich’s medical team. However, feeding was a major problem as Tüpfi had a hard time accepting diabetes products.

Then Dr. Reusch gave us a couple of samples of your product (we call it “the Italian food”). Tüpfi was finally satisfied, she loves the bags more than anything. We had always managed to obtain samples of your product, but we were unsure whether we could continue to get hold of it.

We always mixed the “Italian food” with other diabetic foods offered to us by the animal hospital. However, we always had to think of tricks so Tüpfi did not just eat the Italian food, refusing all the rest.

Now we are finally in contact with you and we are delighted you plan to also sell the product in Switzerland. We will therefore soon be able to feed her only the Italian delicacy, without having to mix it with other foods. We’re really happy as we really want Tüpfi to feel as much joy as possible in her life despite her diabetes.

Blood glucose values ​​and Tüpfi’s weight have stabilized well, and we attribute this to your “Italian food”. Tüpfi is the best example for future customers in Switzerland!

I’ll be happy to contact you again as soon as we start exclusively feeding her your food. We’re curious to see if there will be further improvements beyond the stabilized blood glucose and weight.

We would like to thank you all for your research and we wish you great success in selling your product.

Our Tüpfi agrees 100% with our enthusiasm! WELL DONE!

Attached a photo of our Tüpfi – she’s a wonderful cat!

Please do contact us if we can offer you any further details.