Diabetes in Cats: A Special Diet !



The Research & Development Department at Forza10, led by the Veterinary Surgeon Sergio Canello, has unequivocally demonstrated, with over 25 clinical and scientific researches published in prestigious international journals, that many chronic inflammatory reactions covering the most diverse organs within dogs and cats spontaneously regress with our Forza10 Active diets.

All Active diets are characterized by:

  • The total elimination of intensively farmed chicken and turkey meat meal (due to the frequent presence of toxic oxytetracycline residues, an antibiotic still widely and legally used in avian breeding).
  • The application of specific pools of titrated botanicals, standardized and offering proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic and immuno-modulating
  • A notable amount of unsaturated Omega3 fatty acids.

The final organ, still in the advanced research phase, was the pancreas, in order to verify if this toxic could damage the pancreatic islets to the point of causing diabetes. The preliminary results are so evident as to leave no doubt that even in this case we have reached the objective: our Forza10 Diabetic wet formula has proven to, in a significant percentage of cases, progressively and often very rapidly “unblock” the insulin production activity, and this with a minimized dose of administered injections, even arriving, in several cases, to their complete elimination.


Consult your Veterinarian before using the product. In fact, Forza10 Diabetic’s frequent ability to partially or totally restore endogenous insulin production can lead to excessive total insulin levels (between that produced naturally and that injected) which could provoke dangerous hypoglycemic crises. Consequently, the Veterinarian will need to perform constant blood glucose level verifications to calibrate the amount of extra insulin actually required.

Our Veterinary staff will be happy, during office hours, to guarantee the necessary support to anyone requesting it.

Photo by Jared Belson