Dermo Active for a Shitzu old dog

Dermo Active for a Shitzu old dog

Animal: dog

Gender: female

Age: 11

Disorder: skin condition

Product: Forza10 Dermo Active


My name is Stella. I am an 11 year old Shitzu. A few years ago my skin was in really bad shape.
I was covered in black scabs all over my body. Shampoos and additives didn’t help at all.
Then my groomer, Helen recommended Forza10 Dermo. My owner was hesitant but decided to give it a try.
Within 2 weeks of eating Forza10 my skin was completely clear, and my hair was fuller.
I have been eating Forza10 Dermo ever since and I don’t look a day over 8. I love it.

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