Dermo Active formula solved an immune deficiency

Dermo Active formula solved an immune deficiency

Animal: dog

Age: 4

Disorder: immune deficiency

Product: Dermo Active


Forza10usa has changed our lives! Leo is a magnificent 115 lb/4 yr old long coat German Shepherd born with an immune deficiency that does not allow his body to combat yeast. Yeast builds from simply walking outside and getting his paws wet, it then grows to the point where he can’t go a minute without scratching his body or chewing his paws, that creates bacterial infections which quickly spreads everywhere.

Leo has seen many specialists to diagnose and treat him, one significant visit was to Cornell university where he was put in front of a panel of specialists. Cornell concluded that the best course of action was for them to create a daily shot made from his existing DNA ($$$$) to fill in the blank in his immune system. After all of the studies and trials and medications as well as countless food trials nothing seemed to really work.

8 months ago I walked into Pet Nutrition in Nanuet NY to pick up dog food and after a quick chat with the owner about other food options I was about to walk out with Orijens formula when the owner handed me a full bag of Dermo to try for free. He said just try it I promise you will switch. To sum it up Leo was on so many medications and visited the vet twice a month his bills were averaging $700 on a good month. Today Leo is medication free and currently eating The Dermo formula and is happy and healthy, I noticed he got better every month that passed. I want people to understand that medication is not always the combat the health issue our animals face, food (Forza10usa food that is) is incredibly effective.

Thank You!
From your biggest fans
Theresa, Leo and Harley