Forza10 Depura: Allergies and back issues

Animal: Dogs

Gender: Male

Age: 5 – 7

Disorders: Cushings Disease – Allergies and back issues

Product: FORZA10 DepurA


When Phil Klein of Whiskers Holistic asked me to be a part of a test group for a new dog food from Italy, I admit I was skeptical. Phil had never been a promoter of dry dog food. My dogs ate a balanced raw/home cooked diet carefully planned and created by Phil, my vet and my research.
How could we throw away all that in favor of something from a bag?

I agreed to try it because we were looking for solutions for some of my pups’ health issues. My 5-year-old girl Toy Poodle has Atypical Cushings Disease. My 7-year-old boy Toy Poodle has allergies and back issues. Perhaps this diet change could help FiFiGiGi loose some weight and improve her immune system. My Meteor was showing signs of back pain and tearing? 6 weeks of not having to cook sounded like a nice break. I’d try it.

Although we didn’t see all the results we were hoping for, we saw something totally unexpected. Yes, Meteor’s stains and itching did seem to improve. Yes, FiFiGiGi seemed more active, but had gained some weight instead of losing it. But in the dog park, that is where we saw the biggest difference. They were interacting with other dogs. FiFiGiGi had never been one to do anything but sit on my lap in the park. Meteor had not really played with other dogs for the past 4 years. Suddenly he was playing and running with dogs. FiFiGiGi was walking around and meeting the pups. This was a new and improved attitude. And the humans who only see them in the summer at our house at the beach noticed right away. A lot less barking. More greeting and belly rubs. I have no explanation except that it is the food. Nothing else but the Forza Depura had changed in their lives.
We are looking forward to the next phase of the experiment with the Behavioral formula to see if we can get them even more level headed and fun.