Continuing GI/diarrhea issues and anxiety solved with Colon Diet

I started using the Forza10 Colon Diet when my 5 year old dog had continuing GI/diarrhea issues which were made worse by her anxiety. As she ages, foods that were ok before seemed to not agree with her anymore, even home-made food proved to not be agreeable as a daily diet. My dog has been on Forza10 Colon Diet for a few months now without any repeat GI issues which is great. I supplement also with an equal amount of wet food; chicken, sweet potato and tripe. I did lots of research because I did not want to use the standard prescription foods that are carried by all the local Vets. This is a much healthier option to any of those brands i.e. better ingredients, higher quality protein and results that are proven. I wish more Vets would carry this brand in their offices as a healthier option to competitors.  I have also recommended this formula to a shelter volunteer with a dog they could not find a food that was well tolerated and that dog is doing much better too. So happy I found this food!


Karen Humsey