10 good reasons to choose FORZA10 America


FORZA10 America is the company founded by Dr. Sergio Canello, DVM and international expert of food-borne diseases, who has dedicated forty years of his life to discover and treat the true causes of many inflammatory, chronic and autoimmune diseases affecting dogs and cats and jeopardizing their health and happiness. Through FORZA10USA, Dr. Canello is able to hold his general veterinary practice in a different and unconventional way — by helping a greater number of four-legged friends all around the world.

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We possess a vast knowledge of nature’s “superheroes”: natural elements, medicinal plants and extracts. Their support in our diets stimulates the immune system reaction and performs a vital detoxifying and antioxidant action. Our expertise comes from the priceless and rich knowledge of Dr. Gianandrea Guidetti, a pharmacist and phytotherapy expert who is tirelessly dedicated to this field of study.


FORZA10 America constantly conducts scientific research, in collaboration with prestigious university and research centers, which has led to 25 publications in important international scientific journals. There are three research reports in particular which represent the pillars of our knowledge, and demonstrate the basic science behind our diet. They confirm the studies of Dr. Canello and Dr, Guidetti about the effect of oxytetracycline, enemy “number one” for the well being of our 4-legged friends.


The FORZA10 America diet uses clean raw materials of excellent quality, pursuing the mission to improve the health of dogs and cats through nutrition. It’s not a coincidence that the mission of SANYpet-FORZA10 America reflects the pill of wisdom of Hippocrates: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. For this reason, FORZA10 diets, in addition to ensuring a complete and balanced nutritional supply, are functional towards the resolution of inflammatory diseases and to the maintenance of a state of well-being in dogs and cats.

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FORZA10 America exclusively makes use of clean ingredients and proteins, sourcing the best fish and meat from Iceland’s natural oasis and the pristine nature of New Zealand. Natural extensive farming and fish caught in the open sea, offer superior levels quality, purity and sustainability.


The mission of FORZA10 America is to create “health through nutrition”. This is why we are leading the fight against oxytetracycline by making foods which don’t contain this “health monster”, one of the most toxic and harmful chemical and pharmacological pollutants for the health of our four-legged friends. Through the analysis of inflammatory disorders, Dr. Sergio Canello and his team discovered and scientifically showed the toxicity of this antibiotic which is widely and legally used in the intensive farming all around the world since the post-World War II period.

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FORZA10 America is a “free” company — free from bad principles that commonly afflict our lives. It’s cruelty free and refuses to experiment on animals, it’s GMO-free and offers gluten free formulations. FORZA10 America foods are free of chemical residues and free of the worst toxic pharmacological effects, by omitting flavor enhancers, colorants or synthetic preservatives. We have also created grain free diets, such as the LEGEND line, which after great success in the US market has just arrived in Italy.

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Our plant in Padua was the first one in Europe to be designed and constructed specifically to be certified organic. This is where our Bio and Vegan lines were born, dedicated to those who believe that this choice is the best for their life and for those who live beside them. In a world of increasing concerns regarding the production and source of your food, we offer a healthy and humane choice that you can feel good about.


To succeed in our mission, “health through the nutrition”, we have registered 10 patents. Our company was shaped by big hearts, but we are also proud of our “little heart”, which is the actual shape of our AFS technology (Active Fresh System), one of our two flagship processes, the other being the Microencapsulation System. AFS and Microencapsulation are both innovative techniques which allow the preservation of the natural elements, keeping intact their effectiveness in our diets.


Your dog’s health depends on you! The most important choice you will make for your dog is the food you provide him with. A healthy and functional diet makes your dog feel good inside and out, while nourishing mind, body and soul. Choose FORZA10