Forza10 Legend: Clear improvement in 40 days

 DAY 1                                                 DAY 10                                            DAY 40                                        DAY 40
legend giorno 1.40

Disorder: skin and ears disorders

Product: Legend Skin

Akita Inu dog breed

We started to feed him Forza10 Legend grain free on the 6th March 2017.
Thanks to Legend Grain free, we have observed an exceptionally clear improvement in the first place. Skin has become more clear, and boils on it have disappear.
We have seen a significant improvement in two weeks.
But, after two more weeks, some scougers have recurred in an other zone of the body, but they have not been so evident. Scourges disappeared in a few days.
Today, his groin is in excellent condition, completely covered with the new skin.
The wounds are fully healed and in their place has formed a scab that I try to clean as often as possible.
My dog also had a dark wax in his ears of a bad smell. Before using Legend I cleaned his ears several times a day, now, just one day a week or every two weeks. Today, even his ears are covered by little scabs (it’s a good point), that I try to clean in order to remove them.
We are really exicted for the achievements obtained with Forza10 (as you can see from the photos), even if it is not yet possible to say that my dog is 100% on health because his hair is not still shining and you can feel a little bad smell.
We used to treat him with Homeopathic medicines (Heel).