The innovative Forza10 Legend line represents the evolution of functional maintenance foods for adult dogs!

 The story of LEGEND begins 40 years ago when Sergio Canello, DVM started his clinical research that showed how pet food-related conditions were mostly caused by contaminants found in common ingredients.
LEGEND is a natural and functional diet using clean ingredients from biologically pristine sources combined with the proven power of plant extracts.

You don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to find the cleanest ingredients for your dog’s health we’ve done it for you!

Forza10 Legend at Global Pet Expo 2018

At Forza10 America we believe that the health of our pets is directly related to the quality of the food they eat.

This is the reason why all our diets do not contain toxic residues of Oxytetracycline, that is a broad spectrum antibiotic that is widely and legally used in intensive farming, the most frequent cause of food allergies and intolerances affecting cats and dogs.
LEGEND Maintenance Evolution is the result – naturally full of flavor and nutrients, completely free of grains or pollutants, and perfect for all dogs.
So, whether your dog is prone to food-related conditions or not, LEGEND is the ideal food to keep him in perfect shape.

Legend Dry Foods

Legend Wet Foods

Legend Healthy Bites

Legend line is based on exceptional formulations

FORZA10 was born with a clear goal in mind: offering the best nutritional solution to food intolerances in dogs.
All Forza10 diets follow the same fundamental principles, which constitute our nutritional philosophy, and Legend makes no exception.

  • No turkey and chicken meals from industrial farming: FORZA10 only uses meals from sea caught fishes, or animals from organic or exstensive farms, as sources of animal proteins. This way we can avoid the risk of oxytetracycline residues being carried in our recipes.
    Oxytetracycline, an antibiotic that in itself is not harmful, becomes really toxic when it deposits in the bones of meat-producing animals where it is lawfully used*.
    As a toxic residue, the body must manage it through an inflammatory process that, as we have just explained, activates in the most sensitive organ.
    If cats’ or dogs’ everyday food contains these residues, the body is forced to react through a chronic inflammatory process.
    This antibiotic has almost disappeared from Italian farms, but is still largely and legally used in many other countries in the world.
  • No grain-based carbohydrates
  • No GMO-derived ingredients
  • Short recipe, with few ingredients of the highest quality (L.I.F. – Limited Ingredient Formula).
  • Specific pool of botanicals: all FORZA10 Legend references are characterized by the insertion of a specific pool of botanicals.
  • Omega-3: these fatty acids are present in abundance thanks to the insertion of fish oil, and their ratio with Omega-6 is optimally balanced in every reference.
    This contributes to maintaining an ideal body condition.

How to use Legend line


  • Switching to Legend is easy!
    Thanks to its incomparable digestibility and nutritional value, LEGEND can be given immediately, without any transition time!
    In order to achieve optimal results, we recommend using Legend dry food and mixing it with Legend wet food, while avoiding adding any other foods.



*Scientific studies published on international journals such as “Poultry Science” (Cytotoxic effects of oxytetracycline residues in the bones of broiler chickens following therapeutic oral administration of a water formulation) and “Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology” (Toxicological implications and inflammatory response in human lymphocytes challenged with oxytetracycline).

* Click here to see our clinical studies and researches:


FORZA10 Formulations

Legend Dry

FORZA10 Legend Maintenance Evolution are complete and balanced maintenance functional foods formulated for adult dogs.
Legend represents the perfect choice for your dog’s nutrition because it respects the nutritional profile of the canine ancestral diet, without exceeding in protein content, thus setting itself apart from most of the other grain free diets on the market.

Legend is completely free of grains, this makes it extremely digestible and ideal to prevent and avoid food intolerances.

Thanks to the use of Vitamin E and Rosemary extract we guarantee a natural preservation to our products.

Legend Skin: original anchovy based recipe with Rose Hips, Cranberry and Sage, for all dogs with skin and coat issues.

Legend Digestion: original anchovy based recipe with Dandelion, Oregano and Thyme, for all dogs with tummy issues.

Legend All Life Small: original anchovy based recipe with Dandelion root, Linden flowers and Pomegranate, for small size dogs of all breeds.

Legend All Life Medium Large: original anchovy based recipe with Dandelion Root, Linden Flowers and Pomegranate, for medium and large size dogs of all breeds.

Legend New Zealand: NEW FORMULATION!
Original recipe with Cranberries, Linden Flowers and Thyme, the perfect choice as an everyday maintenance, with pasture raised lamb and venison meal from uncontaminated nature of New Zealand.

Legend Wet

Legend wet foods are grain-free, moist and delicious purees made with clean and natural proteins from Iceland’s pristine waters and lush pastures, with all the botanicals of the LEGEND functional diets.

They are perfect to complete your dog’s diet, making it both tastier and more nutritious.
We use Icelandic water from the melting of purest Icelandic glaciers which, penetrating into the stratum, is enriched with very bioavailable volcanic minerals and which has a pH 8.4, very useful for balancing the acidity of the organism.

Why anchovies?

In our Legend Line we use whole anchovies as the primary source of animal protein. We chose anchovies for many reasons:

  • their proteins have exceptional biological value
  • anchovies are free from oxytetracycline residues, that we identified as a risk to our pets’ health through our many in vitro scientific researches made in collaboration with 8 different universities;
  • they are small pelagic fishes that bypass the risk of heavy metals contamination;
  • anchovies are on the bottom of the food chain, thus eating just plankton: this means they don’t run the risk of accumulating toxic substances such as mercury, arsenic and many others;
  • they can be considered hypoallergenic. Fish has been often accused of being a source of allergies, but our experience tells us the exact contrary of that, since fish allergy in dogs is extremely unlikely;
  • anchovies are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fundamentals because of their natural anti-inflammatory properties and their ability to keep cellular growth in check (especially useful in the case of adipose cells), thus decreasing the risk of overweight;
  • to sum it up, anchovies are an extraordinary protein source to feed dogs and cats.

Why Lamb and Venison?

Forza10 has always used, at the base of its recipes, raw materials that are free from the most common chemical and pharmacological pollutants.

This is why we identified New Zealand that, thanks to its geographical location, could provide healthy and complete raw ingredients.

Pasture raised animals, sustainably farmed, ensure our food to be extremely digestible, palatable and to have an outstanding biological and protein values.

*Please note that FORZA10 Legend line is available only in selected shops (no web sales)