Chomper treated with Forza10 Legend Skin and Digestion

Animal: dog

Disorder: allergies, itching

Product: Forza10 Legend


My personal testimony about the Legend Dog Food is that I have used it for over 6 months and it made an immediate change in my big Dog “Chomper”.  He had begun to suffer with terrible allergies which caused terrible itching, he was looking and feeling worse more every day for about a year, and everything pointed to his diet.
I was so concerned for him and felt so bad for him when everything I eliminated from his diet failed to make any difference and every brand I tried failed to change any symptom. Until I switched him to the Legend “SKIN” and “DIGESTION” food we were hopeless.

Your representative Chris gave me literature and samples which convinced me that it was worth a try.  So far so good.  He is happy and healthy, no skin issues, no itching and no suffering.  My husband and I were so happy and surprised we said “He’s back” and he loves the food.
He’s back to comping up his meals like a happy, healthy dog. Thank you for  asking me to share this information, as I have done so many times, I share our story with anyone who has a dog. I tell people about Legend Dog Food whenever possible.


Tina  F.