ARKTIKA 2.0 – Winter is coming
October 21, 2016

ARKTIKA 2.0 – Winter is coming

Winter is coming and to address it, especially once arrived at the North Pole, Gilles relies on his dogs, which in turn rely ...

italian art of cooking forza10 usa
October 20, 2016

The Italian art of cooking

Renowned chefs, fine restaurants and simple yet delicious dishes, made with few ingredients but of the highest quality, are the...

ARKTIKA 2.0 – Unwelcome tenants
October 17, 2016

ARKTIKA 2.0 – Unwelcome tenants

The human-canine crew is located in Svalbard and soon winter will have caught up. It is too late to reach the ...

ARKTIKA 2.0 - The dogs
September 30, 2016

ARKTIKA 2.0 – The dogs

By now you have understood the importance of the dogs in Gilles and Alexia’s mission; not only are they a key support against the dangers of the ...

struvite - forza10
September 29, 2016

Struvite Causes and Treatment

Let’s talk about struvite, a disease especially widespread among cats, though it can also affect dogs. Since these are tiny crystals, more like sand...

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