Active line: Breeder’s review


I am a breeder of Rottweilers and smooth Fox Terrier.

I’m feeding my dogs with Forza10 dry food from two years. I am very satisfied with this diet, the dogs eat it with pleasure and are in great shape.

They are active, the hair is in perfect condition, the stools are regular and good texture, no allergies, and puppies are born healthy. I like the Forza10 Active line that suited to animals with particular diseases.
Some time ago my dog ​​Fox Terrier had the gums very problematic (while playing and chewing the toys were bleeding gums).

I began to feed him Oral Active (for dogs with oral problems), and within a month everything is back to normal, no longer bleeding.

The bitch of the Fox terrier had another problem after childbirth is much fatter, and I had to give her Weigh Control Active (for dogs predisposed to obesity), after three months the weight is back as it was before.
little new among become the mother of the puppies and eat Forza10 for puppies with much pleasure.

Even, it has an excellent value for money of these feed.

I recommend FORZA10 to all dog and cat owners!