A Boxer lives for 7 years with Leishmaniasis and resolves his dermatitis

I read your book (Sergio Canello – A life for them): it’s one of those books that leaves its mark. What struck me the most is related to my Boxer, who ate Forza10 Fish Maintenance Evolution for 12 years for his dermatitis. He lived with Leishmaniasis for 7 years and died of another cause. In a historical period where dogs lived short lives with this disease, my dog enjoyed 7 years living very well and without symptoms. We gave him an injection a day, but I believe Forza10 was fundamental for him.

In the book you mention heart-shaped pebbles (the AFS patent) … are these found in Forza10 Behavioral?

Congratulations again for your life choices and for bringing the truth to light.

Thanks for all.