Behavioral offers Ice serenity by solving his agitation issues

Elisa writes to Dr. Sergio Canello

Here’s some news regarding Forza10 Behavioral.

In October Ice and myself had a lesson with a trainer, but then I had to stop due to work problems. We resumed the meetings in early January and she was very impressed both by Ice’s mood and my improved serenity. In the end I confessed that he was eating Forza10 Behavioral. The food’s effectiveness was confirmed by yesterday’s lesson, because Ice had not eaten Behavioral Harmony for 10 days and there was an evident return of basic agitation, although the reactivity to noises was lower compared to October.

I talked about Forza10 Behavioral to my vet, Dr. Amato Violini, who knows Ice very well. Following the intake of the food, the consequent suspension (because it ran out) and the resumption as soon as it arrives again, he asked me to draw up a list of the changes because he’s very interested. He said he’ll read up the food’s composition, but what interests him most is my experiences. This request stems from the fact that it’s difficult for him to evaluate the dog in his clinic (we’re always at the vet) and he trusts my analysis. I must point out that when we started the conversation Dr. Violini told me that he had met you a few years ago and that he has a high regard for the research work you have done, and that this is where his interest comes from.

This topic is starting to interest me very much and I’m now reading your book (Sergio Canello – A life for them).