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eliminate the bone Forza10
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Eliminate the bone

Please note, to all those who have recently started following me, bone is the most toxic food for our pets. Obviously, the bone as such is not toxic ...

March 24, 2016
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iphone free spy app

Free sms spy android Now you may spy on an apple iphone without any Jailbreaking in just a short while. You never even want to deploy an iphone app to your machine as well. Preferably,...

March 18, 2016
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Functional food research

Functional Foods in Pets and Humans ABSTRACT The role of functional foods in pet diet with a perspective link with human nutrition is the object of our study. Veterinary pet trials clearly indicated that functional...

March 15, 2016
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Halitosis research

Therapeutic Effectiveness of a Dietary Supplement for Management of Halitosis in Dogs Abstract Halitosis is a common complaint involving social and communicational problems in humans and also affects the pet-owner relationship. In this randomized...

March 04, 2016
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Homeopathy and turkeys

Mineralization Effect of Homeopathic Substances on Turkeys Bones ABSTRACT Objectives: This study was conducted to evluate the bone tropism of homeopathic substances, appropriately diluted and dynamized, in turkeys. Materials and Methods: Forty male turkeys were...

February 25, 2016