ARKTIKA 2.0 – Preparations | Part 1

ARKTIKA 2.0 – Preparations | Part 1

How are the preceding days leading up to a great adventure? A journey like that of Gilles, Alexia and their dogs is not a reckless one, it requires a lot of preparation.

Gilles told us that he had imagined this journey a good 10 years ago, and leading up to this he worked on his boat, the ARKTIKA, perfecting it in view of this enterprise. He established himself on a farm in Finland, granted a well deserved rest to his old companions, renewing his pack — his dogsled team — with new furry recruits.

Much of the preparations are specifically focused on his faithful and indispensable four-legged friends. Most importantly, making sure that they enjoy better health and energy (this was taken care of by FORZA10’s food) and in second place, ensuring that a good feeling and/or relationship is established between the dogs and Gilles, via constant training.

The best coaching for them is the confidence they gain with Gilles in every possible situation and, for that reason, his dogs have been accustomed to all the real dangers that they could face, from ice to fire, getting used to living on the boat and to defend it, but also to sit tight in the canoe and jump on the rubber dinghy in case of extreme emergency.

No situation should be unusual for them, as long as we are there next to them. They should obey us 100% of the time, regardless of what they are experiencing.