ARKTIKA 2.0 – Preparations | Part 2

ARKTIKA 2.0 - Preparations | Part 2

The FORZA10 diets are in a safe, and the snacks have been prepared for the energy needed in case of emergency situations.

Five years have slipped away in the finishing touches of his boat and test operations.

Gilles has even designed a prototype floating sled made of kevlar and carbon, to tackle the treacherous and icy waters of the Arctic Ocean.

Training with his furry team has continued…

But how has Gilles spent his days before the fateful date?

You might think that the last preparations consist of finishing the details of the equipment and perfecting the physical condition. However, it does not. At least not for me. On the contrary, the closer we get to the month and the day of departure, it seems that everything has been done and redone several times. I mean, the documents, permits, insurance, etc… all this doesn’t seem all too exotic. And in fact it is not.