ARKTIKA 2.0 – Departure day

ARKTIKA 2.0 – Departure day

Departure day, the fateful D-day, has finally arrived! Gilles e Alexia have taken on the sea along with their seven faithful adventuring companions: Smou, Khorei, Kotch, Pouchkine, Tchire, Batou and Kisiliak.

Sled dogs, life companions, friends and indispensable helpers in whom to have faith when faced by dangerous situations. FORZA10 ensures them their necessary energy and best health, along with our snacks, delicious daily treats, nutritious and energizing ready-made foods for emergency situations, to enable the dogs’ survival, and in a pinch, that of Gilles and Alexia’s as well.

Together they will cross the Arctic Ocean without assistance, navigating the ice cold waters in a sail boat, the ARKTIKA 2.0, attempting to push themselves to the highest latitude ever reached by man, in these conditions. The goal is the North Pole, a place where wild nature has laid its glacial veil over everything, where they will have to take on the polar night, moving through darkness like nature’s astronauts, walkers in outer space.

With their mission, Gilles and Alexia wish to be “Pole ambassadors” and with their mission they look to awaken our conscience and stimulate the awareness of the importance to preserve the pole.