Amazing Effects



” Jaeger’s had chronic stomach upset, gas and loose stools for over a year, despite $hundreds in lab work, months of antibiotics, probiotics, weekly vitamin B shots, steroids, special diets and prescription foods. His gas was so awful, we could barely stand to have him in the same room 🙁 We couldn’t kennel or travel with him because of his unpredictable bowels. We were all miserable. The vet suggested grain-free and a different protein source. I was hesitant about fish-based protein because of odors, but after researching FORZA10, we took the chance. Jaeger started the food as directed, without transitioning. The first few days, he had the same issues, but after a few weeks the difference is incredible! He’s next to me now and NO GAS all day! His stomach stopped gurgling, his appetite returned, and his stools are normal. We’re very happy with the results!”