All of the benefits of the Active Line in a wet food, without giving up a complete and balanced nutrition!

FORZA10 Actiwet can also be used as your primary pet food, thanks to its complete and balanced formulation, with specific herbal extracts added using our patented Microencapsulation System.

Our Actiwet Line has been developed to address your cat’s pathologies as much as our FORZA10 Active Line dry food, but it comes in the form of a delicious mousse. For mixing wet and dry food, Actiwet is the perfect way to make sure you’re giving your furry friend the best possible diet.

FORZA10 has developed specific nutraceutical wet foods, that can be used alone or coupled with their respective Active Line dry product.
Actiwet are different from all other wet foods on the market because they only use raw ingredients coming from the pristine lands and waters of Iceland.

Actiwet Line Strengths

  • Innovative nutritional formulations to heal the most common food-related pathologies.
  • Correspondence with our Active Line foods.
  • High palatability and exceptional quality of the Icelandic sourced ingredients.
  • Actiwet can be used alone or synergistically combined with FORZA10 Active Line dry food.
  • Actiwet doesn’t contain meat from intensive farming and therefore contains no oxytetracycline residues.
  • Addition of specific herbal extracts inserted in special microcapsules, that allow stability and high palatability.

Actiwet Line basic principles

  • All of our Actiwet foods are enriched with the same precious herbal extracts that we use in the corresponding Active Line dry food.
  • Our method of Microencapsulating all herbal substances helps us guarantee their effectiveness, and protects them from thermal damage, preserving their stability over time and promoting their gradual absorption through the whole intestinal tract (slow release).
  • Our Actiwet products work synergistically with our Active Line dry products and their exceptional effectiveness helps to restore the animal’s health, as well as, all of their physiological defenses.