A brief history: the evolution of a pet food revolution

The world’s first dog food based on fish rather than meat

The key to the effectiveness of FORZA10’s revolutionary original two products, one for medium-small (Regular) and the other for large (Plus) dogs, was the protein provided by sea caught fish, free of toxic oxytetracycline. Oxytetracycline had at the time already been clinically identified, though not yet scientifically proven, as the cause of the most common inflammatory processes.

A necessary evolution

Over the years, the inflammatory processes facing our pets have become ever more violent and chronic, leading to the need to create pathology-specific products. FORZA10’s R&D Department, led by its founder, the Veterinarian Sergio Canello, and Dr. Gianandrea Guidetti, a pharmacist with a notable culture concerning medicinal herbs, has progressively identified and researched specific pools of medicinal plants, suitably titrated and standardized, to enhance the pet’s ability to respond to the needs of all its major body parts.

An indisputable state of health

Dogs and cats fed with FORZA10 diets have always shown four unquestionable characteristics: shiny and brilliant fur, compact and limited faeces, no inflammatory processes, a physical and psychological equilibrium: what more can one expect?

Highly effective with rapid results

Every product within these 3 ranges, without exception, act extremely effectively, with visible results within only a few days.
If there are no clear and progressive improvements within a week, you can consider the cause of some other origin.

Elevated success levels

There is no perfect product which satisfies everyone, however the success rate of FORZA10 formulas is extremely high, typically 70 to 80%. These are the percentages that emerged from research concerning the most varied pathologies, published and thus available to everyone, also on our web site or on Researchgate (the professional social network for researchers and scientists).

Side effects

It is worth noting that, similarly to what occurs with humans, some pets don’t improve when feeding on the diets whilst others may even encounter adverse reactions. This happens with all pet food, and we can assure you that with FORZA10 diets this occurrence is very rare indeed.

No adaptation period

Our products, unlike those typically found on the market, feature another unique feature: they do not require any adaptation period. This often allows dog owners to witness the first signs of improvement within 24-48 hours.

Diarrhoea and chronic itching can regress within a few days

Chronic diarrhoea often disappears in less than two days, and chronic itching also regresses in a few days. This is not a miracle; our formulas simply allow the body to resume its natural physiological state